Friday, December 26, 2008

thanksgiving, christmas and such

i have been sick so many times since thanksgiving, it is really sad.

strep a few times, sinus infections, you name it, and today and going back to the doctor for a possible strep. there has just been too much going on for me to truly get better, so while the medications make me feel better, they are not able to truly work properly.

juju has been amazing! santa treated her so well due to her being so nice and donating instead of getting presents for her birthday!

she got a blue electra bike, the impossible to find mia american girl doll, and many MANY more things she wanted.

i am ready for my parents to go back to florida. in one day my mother fell and smacked her eye so badly she should have gotten stitches, but before that could be dealt with, my father announced he thought he was having a stroke.

a ride to the ER and tests later, he had a TIA, or a mini stroke, not really a stroke, but no damage done. just way to much stress for me to handle anymore.

i need a break from them, really.

much more to fill in, but i am going to relax and read and catch up a bit on the real world...