Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sad, maybe a tad pessamistic and such

after posting on twitter that i am finally seeing I Am Sam, a movie that has been recommended to me many times over not only for its sound track, but for the touching story, i get a response back from someone that kind of took me back a bit...

"I saw it. I found it cute, though as far as movies go, uneccessary."

wow...it just, wow...what a thing to say.....

today has been one of those days....i have had to deal with people being mean and just not paying attention...

i had to purchase tickets for friends to see phil and asked the tickets be shipped to them directly.
i emailed the guy i was buying the from and asked they be shipped there...for 190 bucks i would expect they ship them anywhere i want.

so i get a notice from fed ex saying the are coming here...i email the guy a few more times hoping he did not mail them off in a rush and not pay any attention to where they are supposed to be mailed.

he has the BALLS to email me back and say i am the type who is gives a bad vibe.
i replied thanking him for changing the address, but as for the "bad vibes" my reply was nice and sweet and to the FUCK YOU point...

you don't understand... the tickets could not come here as they would never
get to him in philly without an additional few hours added to his
drive to NYC for a night...

as for vibe killler, I tried emailing you numerous times which is why
i was freaking out as you got the paypal message and got to shipping
without checking the emails i was sending via ebay and yahoo.

when i get fed ex info about shipping i get really worried you dropped
it off on your way home in the fed ex box....

if they had come here, well it would have sucked for you and i as they
would never hvae been returned in time and i would have had to get a
refund and that really would have sucked as you would have been out an
already profitable deal for yourself as I know these were well above
face (talk about a vibe killer)

so please be sure they go to the correct address tomorrow and all will be good!


i think my point made it across, normally i am really not this bitchy and such, but after having been holed up in the house sick as all get out, i really had no patience for this type of shenanigan today at all!

ok, back to watching I Am Sam, up way too late and finally feeling some waht normal again!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just posting this here as proof as I sent it to starbucks and if they use it I want my credit dammit!!!

Reusable Java Jackets

my idea is to reduce the amount of java jackets that are thrown away...while it is nice to think of reusing them (the cardboard ones), people get weirded out...

and while not everyone carry's reusable cups because they are messy and have to be cleaned and so on, there is an AWESOME and very happy medium starbucks can use!

sell reusable java jackets!!!

they can me made of fabric, be washable, made with organic and sustainable fabrics (hemp, bamboo, cotton, you get the idea), and sold int he shops, maybe fair trade, or made in the USA (we forget about this lil ole country of ours).

this way, people can carry a smell thing that lets them at least help the environment a little bit more then just using the paper ones, while also making life a little easier by not having to carry a bulky cup all day as you run around (wish I could, but frankly sometimes it is just not possible).

This can be easily stored in a pocket and used when needed!


sick and icky and such...

i have been trying to keep this nasty cold/throat/crappy thing away from me. it has been hovering around my head for a few days and yesterday, it felt it staking out its turf.

today, it appears to have framed out the house and started on the drywall...but i am working hard to get rid of it....

i have been keeping myself busy on twitter to quell the urge to bake. when i don't feel well i love to bake, but i rarely ever eat what i bake (it is weird, i know, but i give it away, i just truly enjoy baking it).

so if i was to bake, i could not give it away as i am sick and especially no one in the house can eat it because it has only been three weeks yesterday since my dad had his heart ouside his body being worked on! sorry, i am saying that because it is just so freaking mind blowing it was three weeks ago and that is how they do it....just a shut the fuck up moment from me about the progress modern medicine has made!!!

on top of all that, it is a certain time for me, so being sick and crampy makes for a really unhappy, uncomfortable muffin right now....

see, sick and icky are the words of the day....

Monday, October 20, 2008

cranky, ice, and such

woke up to a very cold, frosty morning here in beautiful nw nj! awesome!!!

it was so cold last night the birdbath outside my window is frozen over and the poor little critters who make my back yard their home are not getting why their water is hard!
they touch it and bend over and are simply puzzled by the entire situation. adorable!!!

i have been feeling a bit ranty lately. what with the election coming up and how i refuse to declare a party based on the fact that when one does in nj, they are bombarded by their party waste of trees flyers, and the opposing parties dirty tactics to make you convert, waste of valuable resources in paper and trees!
it really comes across as an invasion of privacy. and don't try to convince me that you need me to be declared to vote in a primary. honestly, i believe that since it is my right to vote for any candidate i want in the big elecetions, why can i not do the same in the primary?
i can go much deeper here and truly expose my poly sci background (wait, if you do, i need to get my goggles and lab coat first), but when it comes down to it we sould be allowed to vote for anyone, primary or the big show.

my father is doing very well. he is heading back for a follow up with his GP today, so we will see what he thinks of his progress.
my father turns 72 on oct. 25th, so as a gift, i called and spoke to the people at www.stonebarnclassiccars.com . i will bring the damaged hubcap over today and see if they can fix it for me. dad is happy, as he was going to have it fixed and i am always trying to find him unique gfts or things i know mean something mroe then just a present that nothing ever happens with. i will swing in there later this afternoon, and i am looking forward to it as they are taking cars to a car show, and they don't just have classic cars, if you know anything about vintage cars, the big guys from the 20's and such, go check out their website...my jaw dropped...and it is a few miles from me, so when i drive by, i always try to sneak a look in the garage when they are open in the summer, but today i get to go inside! and they have a few cars heading to a car show, which means their top of the line stuff is going to be out! yay!!!

i have been entertaining myself with flickr. i have had a pro account for years, but never utilized the edit features, until yesterday. i heard they had a zombify feature, and well, i found the new halloween "card" to be emailed for halloween!

i find this feature to be so much fun! they have all kinds of masks and such you can play with.
i might just have to upgrade in picnik to use some of the other features as there are some amazing effects!

i have oodles of things to do today (i just really wanted to say oodles)....stitch markers to make, and other random things to get done just in case i do get accepted to the craftacular!

gots to go.......

Friday, October 17, 2008

the dead...penn state and egypt in one week!

the penn state show was beyond amazing. honestly, the one thing that could have made it truly great was if jerry were still alive.....then again they probably would not have played an obama benefit. see, folks get all uppity when you discuss how the dead were not a political group. they always come back at you with counter culture and how that was a political statement, BUT they never came out and openly endorsed anyone because they knew they had big influence over people and wanted to make sure people decided for themselves, as that is truly at the heart of what the dead stood for....being your own person. that was their political statement, not who you should vote for, or who they back..... so, i digress, as usual, back to the show...... the set, one huge set, was amazing.... the almans were good, smokin even, then a long break with some obama rally up, then he had a prerecorded message where he introduced the boys...

they came out and each one came out and cheers erupted...it was amazing!

billy and phil hugged

they tuned

then it began....

us blues
dark star
st stephen
unbroken chain
other one
playin reprise

touch of grey (and billy kept playing with micky, when they sang the verse he would rub the sides of his grey hair! and as a reference to the "joke" obama made before the show about how the campaign has given him a touch of grey, or something along those lines)
not fade away

we checked into our hotel room in the afternoon and spent the day on the lot, seeing old friends, celebrating birthdays and other such wonderful things! we got back about 3am, and went to sleep.

the next moring we went to penn state book store to pick up a few things for my mom and juju bean, hit up a farmers market around the corner for some amazingly tastey cave aged cheddar from 20 mins from penn state, got some organic yum green beans and a jar of organic salsa for dad (the cheese was for him too, and they polished that off shortly after I handed it over!)

we ate at baby's and I had hush puppys with fried shrimp, not as good as down south, but still good!

yesterday, i purchased tickets for NYE with Boyy & Phil. I have to wait til next week to get the Dec 30th show, but that is fine, as long as I know I have NYE, I don't care....now to arrange the flights, hotle and everything else!

oh yeah, and yesterday was bobby's birthday!

happy birthday bobby!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

scones and such

a lovely scone is just a great way to make people smile.

my father had his surgery and has not really been eating like before, with good reason, as his chest was opened, heart removed and so on....

so today while juju was dancing, i ran up to the most wonderful breakfast/lunch place in town, stella g's.
now most places would kill to have a shop like this, but they moved here to retire and be close to their grandkids, and lucky us, she is a renowned pastry chef and he has i forget how many stars, chef. they decided to open a little breakfast place to take up time, and well, it is divine!

last trip there about 4 weeks ago, i had the special sour cream waffle with blueberry's and turkey sausage. simply heavenly....my other had eggs benedict, lee had the other special, breakfast burrito, and dad had a simple egg brekkie with hash and such. everything was beyond good.

i stopped in and purchased three freshly made from scratch scones, lemon cream, bluberry with orange glaze and nutmeg current. they wrapped it in a lovely pastry box with a big ribbon! it looked so fancy. my mom and dad were so happy when we returned, their little ballerina bouncing into the house in her leotard, sweater and skirt in pink, carrying the lovely pink ribbon box filled with crumbly delights!

so, i guess the moral of the story is, when in hackettstown, home of the m&m, go to stell g's and eat, but be sure to grab some scones for later!

Friday, October 10, 2008

i shall be released

finally blogger saw fit to release me from my spam hold....
took about a week, but i was able to post and save to my blog, which was nice.

i hope to get my new patterns in today so i can get those listed, but you know what? i am going to go relax and check back on the 'puter later today...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

grateful dead converse!!!

i was flipping through this awesome magazine i am subscribed to called missbehave, when low and behold in their cool sneaker section were grateful dead sneakers!
i did a little web searching and poof, today my new skull and roses high top chucks arrived!!!

they are so nice, even the insides are nice and the patch is sewn on, not that weird rubbery thing they normally have.
my next pair will be the ice cream and possibly either a stealie in black, or an owsley bear in low top black...the decisions are tough!

monday is a holiday and juju is off from school, but i will be away at the rock for change show in penn state!!!!

i am not sure yet who i want to vote for, honestly, but hey, if barak can get the boys back together after the "blow up" in 2004, i am all for it!

wow, i am very excited today!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

business and such

i went ahead and ordered a bunch of new patterns from sublime and suprise!!! she had released 4 new ones....

i am really excited about this as i always love new stuff!

juju has been having a good time with my brother since he came in for the operation on my father. my father, however, has made a miraculous recovery and had a pacemaker put in on friday and was relased (GASP) saturday afternoon!
we had no idea he would be released so early, in fact i stayed home waiting to hear if i could see him as i had the sniffles (and still do), when my mother called and said to bring clothes, he was getting sprung at 4 pm....good thing i got there early, because they literally sprung him at 4! usually hospitals are awful at getting folks discharged, but not there!

so dad has been here...he was walking saturday and sat at the table and at with us...since then he has been moving mroe and feeling better, though he is sleeping in the living room on the chair, which is understandable.

i cannot get over how fast he is recouping or how little he looked cut up. apparently his doctor was THE guy for nano surgery and makes minimal cuts. in fact, have you heard of the new gall bladder surgery where they go through the stomach down the throat via the mouth? yeah, the big time experimental one? he is that guy...that is what he does, he specializes in it...just amazing!

back to the juju bean...she is going to stay home from school tomorrow. she was not feeling well tonight when lee took her apple picking and she was a bit sick, so since they have not had that much time together and he leaves wednesday, i figure rather then have her come home from school tomorrow and have a ton of shool work , making their time together very little, she can stay home and hang out with uncle lee and get her tummy feeling better!

one last little thingy...

blogger has marked me as spam...i have no idea why, i am not a spammer, i really do not want to go through this as i just wanted to post today and not worry about things like this, but come on blogger/google monsters...make your software work more better for us interweberz please?

Friday, October 3, 2008

crafting is my middle name

i love to craft....craft anything

i am no expert, rather i am a beginner who loves to make all different things, but nothing is complicated.

i knit, but only the basic stitches, i bead, but simple stuff, and so on and so forth

i would love to learn more complicated things, but have no one to teach me and written directions are so impossible for me to follow. i don't know if it is the dyslexia that makes it so, but unless i can watch someone do it or have them explain it to me as i do it, then i cannot learn it no matter how hard i try.

i am currently working on an apron i am embroidering for a friend. i am using some of the patterns from sublime stitching (which i sell at my etsy/website http://www.creativemuffin.com) on a basic black three pocket apron. Niki from Bar 46 (http://www.bar46nj.com) asked me to make her one for the days she wants to wear dresses or skirts and still have her bottle opener on her.

i have roller skates and a unicorn, i will be free handing a rainbow above the unicorn and metallic stars around the roller skates. the middle pocket will have the bar 46 logo on it and i just hope she likes it.

so while i am not the most experienced crafter, or skilled, i do make all different things and sell them on my site. i love making the mr. t chocolcate lollipops and stitch markers are fun!

ok, so as a crafter whore, i love going to the bust craftacular every year...the most amazing items and dj's and open bar and....well just too much to try and list, you just have to go and experience it (http://www.bust.com/Craftacular/BUST-Holiday-Craftacular-2008.html)
so, anyway, i decided to try and apply for it. i paid my ten dollars and if, huge IF, i make it in, it is 240 additional for a 8' x 30" table and two chairs to vend...

i do not expect to get in at all, but still it is a nice idea and if i did, i would probably pass out. i submitted stitch markers and mr t chocolate lollies as samples of only some of the stuff i sell, so we shall see....

on to other things now........

today is my mother's birthday. she is currently at the hospital as my father needs a pacemaker and a defribulator and my dad was refusing it earlier (he has been exhasuted from not sleeping and half out of his mind because he slips in and out all day long, about 1 min awake, 1 min sleeping). she and my brother will be there today, everyone else will stay away in an effort to let him get as much rest as possible. the procude he is in now is about 2 hours and i am just about at my wits frayed ends....

i am trying to keep very busyto keep my mind off of it, but it is hard, so i am going to go and rescrub the sink or something....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

update for dad and stuff

the surgery went well...they ended up having to do a double bypass and replace the two valves.
they have him on a temp pacemaker, but when they try to take him off of it, his heart rate drops to 30-36 bpm

it was a little scary, but he was actually standing and marching in place the day after the surgery. he had some bleeding, they ended up giving him 2 transfusions. initially during the procedure, he did not need any and that really pleased the doctor, but then he kept leaking, so they had to give him two, kept him in icu for two days, now he is in cardiac care unit.

he goes in tomorrow for the icd and pacemaker...it is a very routine procedure, but with everything going on, i am really still on edge.

i am going to kept this short and not go into the debate that is on and all that hoopla, i will let this evening go for now and watch silly movies....