Thursday, October 9, 2008

grateful dead converse!!!

i was flipping through this awesome magazine i am subscribed to called missbehave, when low and behold in their cool sneaker section were grateful dead sneakers!
i did a little web searching and poof, today my new skull and roses high top chucks arrived!!!

they are so nice, even the insides are nice and the patch is sewn on, not that weird rubbery thing they normally have.
my next pair will be the ice cream and possibly either a stealie in black, or an owsley bear in low top black...the decisions are tough!

monday is a holiday and juju is off from school, but i will be away at the rock for change show in penn state!!!!

i am not sure yet who i want to vote for, honestly, but hey, if barak can get the boys back together after the "blow up" in 2004, i am all for it!

wow, i am very excited today!!!!

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