Monday, October 6, 2008

business and such

i went ahead and ordered a bunch of new patterns from sublime and suprise!!! she had released 4 new ones....

i am really excited about this as i always love new stuff!

juju has been having a good time with my brother since he came in for the operation on my father. my father, however, has made a miraculous recovery and had a pacemaker put in on friday and was relased (GASP) saturday afternoon!
we had no idea he would be released so early, in fact i stayed home waiting to hear if i could see him as i had the sniffles (and still do), when my mother called and said to bring clothes, he was getting sprung at 4 pm....good thing i got there early, because they literally sprung him at 4! usually hospitals are awful at getting folks discharged, but not there!

so dad has been here...he was walking saturday and sat at the table and at with us...since then he has been moving mroe and feeling better, though he is sleeping in the living room on the chair, which is understandable.

i cannot get over how fast he is recouping or how little he looked cut up. apparently his doctor was THE guy for nano surgery and makes minimal cuts. in fact, have you heard of the new gall bladder surgery where they go through the stomach down the throat via the mouth? yeah, the big time experimental one? he is that guy...that is what he does, he specializes in it...just amazing!

back to the juju bean...she is going to stay home from school tomorrow. she was not feeling well tonight when lee took her apple picking and she was a bit sick, so since they have not had that much time together and he leaves wednesday, i figure rather then have her come home from school tomorrow and have a ton of shool work , making their time together very little, she can stay home and hang out with uncle lee and get her tummy feeling better!

one last little thingy...

blogger has marked me as spam...i have no idea why, i am not a spammer, i really do not want to go through this as i just wanted to post today and not worry about things like this, but come on blogger/google monsters...make your software work more better for us interweberz please?

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