Saturday, October 11, 2008

scones and such

a lovely scone is just a great way to make people smile.

my father had his surgery and has not really been eating like before, with good reason, as his chest was opened, heart removed and so on....

so today while juju was dancing, i ran up to the most wonderful breakfast/lunch place in town, stella g's.
now most places would kill to have a shop like this, but they moved here to retire and be close to their grandkids, and lucky us, she is a renowned pastry chef and he has i forget how many stars, chef. they decided to open a little breakfast place to take up time, and well, it is divine!

last trip there about 4 weeks ago, i had the special sour cream waffle with blueberry's and turkey sausage. simply other had eggs benedict, lee had the other special, breakfast burrito, and dad had a simple egg brekkie with hash and such. everything was beyond good.

i stopped in and purchased three freshly made from scratch scones, lemon cream, bluberry with orange glaze and nutmeg current. they wrapped it in a lovely pastry box with a big ribbon! it looked so fancy. my mom and dad were so happy when we returned, their little ballerina bouncing into the house in her leotard, sweater and skirt in pink, carrying the lovely pink ribbon box filled with crumbly delights!

so, i guess the moral of the story is, when in hackettstown, home of the m&m, go to stell g's and eat, but be sure to grab some scones for later!

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