Thursday, October 2, 2008

update for dad and stuff

the surgery went well...they ended up having to do a double bypass and replace the two valves.
they have him on a temp pacemaker, but when they try to take him off of it, his heart rate drops to 30-36 bpm

it was a little scary, but he was actually standing and marching in place the day after the surgery. he had some bleeding, they ended up giving him 2 transfusions. initially during the procedure, he did not need any and that really pleased the doctor, but then he kept leaking, so they had to give him two, kept him in icu for two days, now he is in cardiac care unit.

he goes in tomorrow for the icd and is a very routine procedure, but with everything going on, i am really still on edge.

i am going to kept this short and not go into the debate that is on and all that hoopla, i will let this evening go for now and watch silly movies....

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