Friday, October 17, 2008

the dead...penn state and egypt in one week!

the penn state show was beyond amazing. honestly, the one thing that could have made it truly great was if jerry were still alive.....then again they probably would not have played an obama benefit. see, folks get all uppity when you discuss how the dead were not a political group. they always come back at you with counter culture and how that was a political statement, BUT they never came out and openly endorsed anyone because they knew they had big influence over people and wanted to make sure people decided for themselves, as that is truly at the heart of what the dead stood for....being your own person. that was their political statement, not who you should vote for, or who they back..... so, i digress, as usual, back to the show...... the set, one huge set, was amazing.... the almans were good, smokin even, then a long break with some obama rally up, then he had a prerecorded message where he introduced the boys...

they came out and each one came out and cheers was amazing!

billy and phil hugged

they tuned

then it began....

us blues
dark star
st stephen
unbroken chain
other one
playin reprise

touch of grey (and billy kept playing with micky, when they sang the verse he would rub the sides of his grey hair! and as a reference to the "joke" obama made before the show about how the campaign has given him a touch of grey, or something along those lines)
not fade away

we checked into our hotel room in the afternoon and spent the day on the lot, seeing old friends, celebrating birthdays and other such wonderful things! we got back about 3am, and went to sleep.

the next moring we went to penn state book store to pick up a few things for my mom and juju bean, hit up a farmers market around the corner for some amazingly tastey cave aged cheddar from 20 mins from penn state, got some organic yum green beans and a jar of organic salsa for dad (the cheese was for him too, and they polished that off shortly after I handed it over!)

we ate at baby's and I had hush puppys with fried shrimp, not as good as down south, but still good!

yesterday, i purchased tickets for NYE with Boyy & Phil. I have to wait til next week to get the Dec 30th show, but that is fine, as long as I know I have NYE, I don't to arrange the flights, hotle and everything else!

oh yeah, and yesterday was bobby's birthday!

happy birthday bobby!

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