Monday, October 20, 2008

cranky, ice, and such

woke up to a very cold, frosty morning here in beautiful nw nj! awesome!!!

it was so cold last night the birdbath outside my window is frozen over and the poor little critters who make my back yard their home are not getting why their water is hard!
they touch it and bend over and are simply puzzled by the entire situation. adorable!!!

i have been feeling a bit ranty lately. what with the election coming up and how i refuse to declare a party based on the fact that when one does in nj, they are bombarded by their party waste of trees flyers, and the opposing parties dirty tactics to make you convert, waste of valuable resources in paper and trees!
it really comes across as an invasion of privacy. and don't try to convince me that you need me to be declared to vote in a primary. honestly, i believe that since it is my right to vote for any candidate i want in the big elecetions, why can i not do the same in the primary?
i can go much deeper here and truly expose my poly sci background (wait, if you do, i need to get my goggles and lab coat first), but when it comes down to it we sould be allowed to vote for anyone, primary or the big show.

my father is doing very well. he is heading back for a follow up with his GP today, so we will see what he thinks of his progress.
my father turns 72 on oct. 25th, so as a gift, i called and spoke to the people at . i will bring the damaged hubcap over today and see if they can fix it for me. dad is happy, as he was going to have it fixed and i am always trying to find him unique gfts or things i know mean something mroe then just a present that nothing ever happens with. i will swing in there later this afternoon, and i am looking forward to it as they are taking cars to a car show, and they don't just have classic cars, if you know anything about vintage cars, the big guys from the 20's and such, go check out their jaw dropped...and it is a few miles from me, so when i drive by, i always try to sneak a look in the garage when they are open in the summer, but today i get to go inside! and they have a few cars heading to a car show, which means their top of the line stuff is going to be out! yay!!!

i have been entertaining myself with flickr. i have had a pro account for years, but never utilized the edit features, until yesterday. i heard they had a zombify feature, and well, i found the new halloween "card" to be emailed for halloween!

i find this feature to be so much fun! they have all kinds of masks and such you can play with.
i might just have to upgrade in picnik to use some of the other features as there are some amazing effects!

i have oodles of things to do today (i just really wanted to say oodles)....stitch markers to make, and other random things to get done just in case i do get accepted to the craftacular!

gots to go.......

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