Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sad, maybe a tad pessamistic and such

after posting on twitter that i am finally seeing I Am Sam, a movie that has been recommended to me many times over not only for its sound track, but for the touching story, i get a response back from someone that kind of took me back a bit...

"I saw it. I found it cute, though as far as movies go, uneccessary."

wow...it just, wow...what a thing to say.....

today has been one of those days....i have had to deal with people being mean and just not paying attention...

i had to purchase tickets for friends to see phil and asked the tickets be shipped to them directly.
i emailed the guy i was buying the from and asked they be shipped there...for 190 bucks i would expect they ship them anywhere i want.

so i get a notice from fed ex saying the are coming here...i email the guy a few more times hoping he did not mail them off in a rush and not pay any attention to where they are supposed to be mailed.

he has the BALLS to email me back and say i am the type who is gives a bad vibe.
i replied thanking him for changing the address, but as for the "bad vibes" my reply was nice and sweet and to the FUCK YOU point...

you don't understand... the tickets could not come here as they would never
get to him in philly without an additional few hours added to his
drive to NYC for a night...

as for vibe killler, I tried emailing you numerous times which is why
i was freaking out as you got the paypal message and got to shipping
without checking the emails i was sending via ebay and yahoo.

when i get fed ex info about shipping i get really worried you dropped
it off on your way home in the fed ex box....

if they had come here, well it would have sucked for you and i as they
would never hvae been returned in time and i would have had to get a
refund and that really would have sucked as you would have been out an
already profitable deal for yourself as I know these were well above
face (talk about a vibe killer)

so please be sure they go to the correct address tomorrow and all will be good!


i think my point made it across, normally i am really not this bitchy and such, but after having been holed up in the house sick as all get out, i really had no patience for this type of shenanigan today at all!

ok, back to watching I Am Sam, up way too late and finally feeling some waht normal again!!!

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