Thursday, November 20, 2008

birthday's, donation's and such

 has been a busy few weeks!

juju had her joint birthday party with maria. they raised a lot of pet and people food for donation. it was so touching. honestly, i think that lil 8 year old gal managed to get about 300 dollars worth of pet items donated, including a 10 dollar check, a 20 dollar gift card to shop rite, and another to target for a surprise amount!

and i think 300 is the low side. there were so many bags of food, huge 10 lb boxes of dog bones, shampoos, cases of wet cat and dog food, toys beds and so much more AND we got more yesterday after school!

we dropped the food off the other day and i have to say i was a bit bummed at their lack of wow from the shelter folks of this 7 year old who got them all this stuff. i even called earlier int he day to let them know she was coming and thought maybe they would be nice and make her a thank you card or a birthday card, even a paper computer generated one, but nothing...they claimed they are naming a kitty after her (we saw no no-named kitty anywhere as we walked around on our own), and i think she was kind of bummed. there was a HUGE pile of goods there and they were like, oh that was so sweet, thanks, do you want to go look at the dogs and kitties? and then we walked in by ourselves...

really, it was such a non event to them, and i can tell she was a bit bummed they were not even enthusiastic at all...rather, blah about it really....i mean a 7 year old gave up getting prezzies for this shelter and they were so blah about it.

if she decides to do it next yeat, we will go to another shelter to donate....

yesterday was the lil girls real birthday. she was allowed to wear her regular clothes to school, and was that fun picking out! she also had munchkins for the birthday snack for everyone.

dinner was at the club with my parents and she wanted a hot dog! and then proceeded to eat my dad's caesar salad and my sweet potato fries!

it was a great night and when she opened my gifts of the mini horse barn and horses and my mom's gift of the wii, she preferred to play with my gifts and put off us hooking up the wii til this weekend! how awesome is that, really?

oh, a little aside to meet mike gordon the other day outside the phil show. he was freezing, had to wait a while for his pass, AND when he and i were talking about old shows and all good where he almost ran me over with the golf cart (not only did he remember it, apparently there is video), some guy with a finger in the air looking for that phil ticket, asked," what band are you in?", mike sheepishly looked at him and said, "i am in a band called phish"...very odd moment for me since i have been going to phish shows since friends older sister was friends with trey and jon, i raged with them at amy's farm (though we were all drinking the big igloo kool aid that weekend!!! in 1991)...seeing him feezing outside waiting for his lammie and folks asking who he is was so strange!

and watch, that kid will be at the show in march trying to get in there to and if mike ran him over with a golf cart he would have no idea who he was, he only asked because he was listening to us talk hoping to get in or a ticket!

ah well, tour kids, what are you gonna do with them?

live to tour, no matter who or what it is, no longer really about any band, just being on tour is all they seem to care about anymore...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

winning stuff , giving away stuff and such

just wanted to make note of this and a few other things i missed when ranting earlier....

juju and i attended a halloween party at her gymnastics gym on sunday and they gave every family that attended a ticket for a raffle of full tuition.
my lil girlfriend put our last name on it and stuck it in the bowl...well she won!
it is a full semester tuition which we were going to pay next week to get the discount rate of $390!

yay for saving money and being lucky...well my lil girl is pretty lucky in that respect as this fall she attended a car show in town with my dad and myself. there you entered a form to vote on what car you want to win and from those, they draw raffle winners. well she won a $50 gift certificate to a hair salon! she has yet to use it as she is currently growing out her hair to donate to locks of love, but she also wants to grow out enough so when she does donate it, she still has longish hair (past shoulders), so currently her hair is almost to her bum!
when she does go to donate it, it does not cost anything to get it cut! so that gift certificate will have to wait!

my lil girlie is such a sweet kid, aside from the locks of love thing, her birthday party is coming up in two weeks. she is having a joint birthday party with a good friend from school, maria. they are having a skating party and juju had decided that instead of getting gifts from her friends at school, she wanted them to bring food to be donated to the local animal shelter.

maria thought that was so cool, she is asking for food to be donated to the food pantry!

yay for 7 year olds being socially responsible!

i also sent a request to senator lautenberg from nj requesting two tickets to the inauguration. i highly doubt we will get them, but hey, it is worth a try no? i think juju would enjoy a trip to dc and see history before her eyes. she was so excited to go vote with me yesterday.

obama, race and such

it has been less then 12 hours since they declared obama our president elect obama, and already something about this is really pissing me off....

not him getting elected, please, if that is where you think this is going, close your ignorant eyes and move away from my blog...i don't handle stupid or ignorant well at all...

what is really bugging me so soon is the sheer ignorance of the media and all of these so called supporters promoting the shit out of the "First African American President".

what are you doing? why must you label him in such a way...what about first hawaiian president? what about just calling him president? why must we make him a novelty ack, like william hung?

can we as a people move past the fact he is HALF black?

how about we call him what he really is African/European American?

what about me? i never ever feel the urge to call myself eurpoean you know why?

because i am an american!


and so is barak, president elect obama...

i have been tossing around a little thing where i paraphrased a famous recent quote from president elect obama and it goes a little something like this...

we are not african americans or eurpoean americans, we are just americans!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

cereal, voting and such....

today is E day!!!! i don't care who you vote for, heck write in your dog! just go vote, it is your right and yes, it is your right not to, but why?

why allow people to make decisions for you? when you were a kid and could not wait to turn 18 so no one could tell you what to do anymore, that is when you are legal to vote, you can tell others what to do, so do it!

i will be heading to the polls after i pick up my lil girlfriend, juju bean. she and i are opposite in our decision, but since she is 7, well let's just say mama's vote will count and hers will not. we have agreed she is to keep my vote secret, as it is not open to any discussion to anyone other then myself. after majoring in poly sci and being a part of a very political family, i prefer to keep my political leanings to myself and that way when i do discuss politics (which i love to do) people will not assume to know what party i stand for or who i vote for and base their debate/argument aound that, giving me their true beliefes and allowing me to have true and pure political discussions....

gosh i really am a dork!

on a really cool making own decision/election day have my voice heard....

i created and ordered my own personal custom healthy cereal!
yuppers, my own personal was pricey, but i am so excited! i should have it in hand this weekend, maybe monday, but how cool! go and take a peek at it and see...they have premade ones and prices vary based on your choices of ingredients. I love cereal and nutty cereal is my favorite.

artisanal cereal

i named it muffin's NUTTY! thinking back now, i should have created some sort of clever election day title for it....

i also purchased the one dollar green tag, offsetting my carbon footprint for this order AND 5% of profits for the company go to charity!

ah well!

hindsight and all.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

wow and such

today has been a beautiful day! as was yesterday and the days before.....

today i got a 20 dollar bill with red ink all over asking me to register it at where's george. since i am a part time user, i of course dutifully went and registered it and read up on the person who released it initially with all this writing all over it.

mine was the first hit since she initially registered it over two years ago...

then i read this, "Sharon's desire for a cure for cancer wasn't just an idle wish -- she succumbed to the disease on January 13, 2007. Her many friends here were deeply grieved by her passing, and it's not quite the same around here without her compassionate heart and wry humor. We miss you, Sharon!"

she never got to see this bill get a now I am not sure what to do with this bill...
i hate thinking of it just randomly going back out into the world, then again, she liked that..

i think maybe this should go on to a more noble life, but how?

I was able to head to NYC last night for a phil lesh & phriends show. it was insane, to say the friend was there friday on halloween and he was sending me the set list while i was a my friend niki & george's bar for their annual halloween bash.

just a lil side note, i was bristol palin! i had a big ole rpeggers belly, a baby on my arm (my "brother", trig), black dress and a wig done just like hers at the convention where she "came out" in a bun in the oven kind of way....many laughs were had and sadly, many folks who had no idea who bristol palin was (even with full expenation), or who SARAH palin was when explaning it, AND folks asking if I am really preggers and when I said, "yes, and THIS is a real baby (*doll in hand*) ", and they were stupid enough to look shocked and say, "really???" all horrified. i walked away....

so, back to phil.....and jackie, and john, and larry, and barry, and tracy......oh what a show...
phil was late, he even apologized at one point, but the show was sick...

terrapin was not just off the hook, it was almost disco/rock. i have to find a copy of that show.
opened with here comes sunshine, shortened set break and played over the midnight cut off, which sucked because felt like they were planning on playing longer!!!