Wednesday, November 5, 2008

winning stuff , giving away stuff and such

just wanted to make note of this and a few other things i missed when ranting earlier....

juju and i attended a halloween party at her gymnastics gym on sunday and they gave every family that attended a ticket for a raffle of full tuition.
my lil girlfriend put our last name on it and stuck it in the bowl...well she won!
it is a full semester tuition which we were going to pay next week to get the discount rate of $390!

yay for saving money and being lucky...well my lil girl is pretty lucky in that respect as this fall she attended a car show in town with my dad and myself. there you entered a form to vote on what car you want to win and from those, they draw raffle winners. well she won a $50 gift certificate to a hair salon! she has yet to use it as she is currently growing out her hair to donate to locks of love, but she also wants to grow out enough so when she does donate it, she still has longish hair (past shoulders), so currently her hair is almost to her bum!
when she does go to donate it, it does not cost anything to get it cut! so that gift certificate will have to wait!

my lil girlie is such a sweet kid, aside from the locks of love thing, her birthday party is coming up in two weeks. she is having a joint birthday party with a good friend from school, maria. they are having a skating party and juju had decided that instead of getting gifts from her friends at school, she wanted them to bring food to be donated to the local animal shelter.

maria thought that was so cool, she is asking for food to be donated to the food pantry!

yay for 7 year olds being socially responsible!

i also sent a request to senator lautenberg from nj requesting two tickets to the inauguration. i highly doubt we will get them, but hey, it is worth a try no? i think juju would enjoy a trip to dc and see history before her eyes. she was so excited to go vote with me yesterday.

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