Tuesday, November 4, 2008

cereal, voting and such....

today is E day!!!! i don't care who you vote for, heck write in your dog! just go vote, it is your right and yes, it is your right not to, but why?

why allow people to make decisions for you? when you were a kid and could not wait to turn 18 so no one could tell you what to do anymore, that is when you are legal to vote, you can tell others what to do, so do it!

i will be heading to the polls after i pick up my lil girlfriend, juju bean. she and i are opposite in our decision, but since she is 7, well let's just say mama's vote will count and hers will not. we have agreed she is to keep my vote secret, as it is not open to any discussion to anyone other then myself. after majoring in poly sci and being a part of a very political family, i prefer to keep my political leanings to myself and that way when i do discuss politics (which i love to do) people will not assume to know what party i stand for or who i vote for and base their debate/argument aound that, giving me their true beliefes and allowing me to have true and pure political discussions....

gosh i really am a dork!

on a really cool making own decision/election day have my voice heard....

i created and ordered my own personal custom healthy cereal!
yuppers, my own personal choices.....it was pricey, but i am so excited! i should have it in hand this weekend, maybe monday, but how cool!

www.meandgoji.com/ go and take a peek at it and see...they have premade ones and prices vary based on your choices of ingredients. I love cereal and nutty cereal is my favorite.

artisanal cereal

i named it muffin's NUTTY! thinking back now, i should have created some sort of clever election day title for it....

i also purchased the one dollar green tag, offsetting my carbon footprint for this order AND 5% of profits for the company go to charity!

ah well!

hindsight and all.....

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