Thursday, November 20, 2008

birthday's, donation's and such

 has been a busy few weeks!

juju had her joint birthday party with maria. they raised a lot of pet and people food for donation. it was so touching. honestly, i think that lil 8 year old gal managed to get about 300 dollars worth of pet items donated, including a 10 dollar check, a 20 dollar gift card to shop rite, and another to target for a surprise amount!

and i think 300 is the low side. there were so many bags of food, huge 10 lb boxes of dog bones, shampoos, cases of wet cat and dog food, toys beds and so much more AND we got more yesterday after school!

we dropped the food off the other day and i have to say i was a bit bummed at their lack of wow from the shelter folks of this 7 year old who got them all this stuff. i even called earlier int he day to let them know she was coming and thought maybe they would be nice and make her a thank you card or a birthday card, even a paper computer generated one, but nothing...they claimed they are naming a kitty after her (we saw no no-named kitty anywhere as we walked around on our own), and i think she was kind of bummed. there was a HUGE pile of goods there and they were like, oh that was so sweet, thanks, do you want to go look at the dogs and kitties? and then we walked in by ourselves...

really, it was such a non event to them, and i can tell she was a bit bummed they were not even enthusiastic at all...rather, blah about it really....i mean a 7 year old gave up getting prezzies for this shelter and they were so blah about it.

if she decides to do it next yeat, we will go to another shelter to donate....

yesterday was the lil girls real birthday. she was allowed to wear her regular clothes to school, and was that fun picking out! she also had munchkins for the birthday snack for everyone.

dinner was at the club with my parents and she wanted a hot dog! and then proceeded to eat my dad's caesar salad and my sweet potato fries!

it was a great night and when she opened my gifts of the mini horse barn and horses and my mom's gift of the wii, she preferred to play with my gifts and put off us hooking up the wii til this weekend! how awesome is that, really?

oh, a little aside to meet mike gordon the other day outside the phil show. he was freezing, had to wait a while for his pass, AND when he and i were talking about old shows and all good where he almost ran me over with the golf cart (not only did he remember it, apparently there is video), some guy with a finger in the air looking for that phil ticket, asked," what band are you in?", mike sheepishly looked at him and said, "i am in a band called phish"...very odd moment for me since i have been going to phish shows since friends older sister was friends with trey and jon, i raged with them at amy's farm (though we were all drinking the big igloo kool aid that weekend!!! in 1991)...seeing him feezing outside waiting for his lammie and folks asking who he is was so strange!

and watch, that kid will be at the show in march trying to get in there to and if mike ran him over with a golf cart he would have no idea who he was, he only asked because he was listening to us talk hoping to get in or a ticket!

ah well, tour kids, what are you gonna do with them?

live to tour, no matter who or what it is, no longer really about any band, just being on tour is all they seem to care about anymore...

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EmoSeal said...

I can't believe they didn't seem to care about the donations you guys made =/ That was a BIG DEAL! Geez...oh well, I still think it was an awesome gesture, and I'm sure it really did help the animals there =)