Wednesday, September 29, 2010

baking, apple picking, more baking and such

We had a lovely weekend apple picking!
The family-Noni, Juju and Bamfa
 picking those apples
We have many many many pounds of gala apples and have been making apple sauce and freezing it and today I finally got around to baking an apple bread.  The recipe I have is one I got from the farm where we picked the apples and WOW!!! It is so good.  Juju has a bake sale at her school this weekend and I know what I am making them.
Usually I make them an all organic banana bread, and I have heard that it is sold before the bake sale begins every year (it makes me blush frankly).
I wonder what they will think of this not being organic (the apples are not) and me bringing a new bread into the mix, then again they have a few a year, so I can make other things at the next ones.

we had 3 full bags!!
Apple sauce...we currently have 2 quarts and
8 or more pints and still have 1 full bag left

Apple Bread with
cinnamon sugar top
Flowers sold at the apple farm

Banana Bread at 10:20pm
Banana bread by 3pm
the next day!!

Last night I had to make a banana bread as I have about 5 super ripe bananas and I can not let them go to waste!

This afternoon I also got back in baking mode easily with a super quick and easy and yummy organic terriaki organic tofu bites.  I had a bit for lunch and some chestnuts (my new addiction is bags of precooked chestnuts, ones bag is 193 calories and I will eat a whole one easily!)

I am starting the Sookie Stackhouse books soon and I am getting excited. I truly enjoy True Blood, but once I heard that the books go into things more and plus a reason to relive the first three seasons, come on, total no brainer.

I have also begun my working with embroidering on leather experiment. I am making a sample piece for someone I know who makes knives.  I noticed he always displays his finished work on pieces of leather, but I noticed a few look like leather jackets, so I figured why not make his logo on leather.  It is not a hard one, lots of straight lines on the font and some curved lines. dipping back into my old Girl Scout camp counselor, I remembered, no dummy, you don't go right into the leather with the needle like fabric, but you punch holes using a pattern or design, THEN embroider!

Tonight at some point I begin the hole punching and removing the first letter of stitching.
So glad I chose to practice on something first before going to town on the leather I have been getting ready for the pirate map piece.

Well I am off...I have a phone meeting with the nutritionist I did my sugar detox with a year or so ago and I loved it and lately I have been cutting out all the bad stuff again...slowly, but dairy is pretty much gone again, coffee is gone, meat cut way down...I am back on track again and losing weight and getting healthy means everything to me right knee is awful and I want to be back in great shape so I can heal my knee and my soul. I feel great when I can run and I want that back and running has helped me lose weight so easily.  I miss running and the other night made the mistake of pushing it and walk/ran 1.5 miles and stepped funny on it and the pain was back like I just hurt it back in August.
Good thing I see an Ortho tomorrow FINALLY!! I don't think I will have ever been so happy to see a doctor ever!

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