Friday, September 26, 2008

sometimes it's hard to focus...

it has been a while for me and blogging...i used to blog a lot, you know LJ for many years, then a bit on blogger here, then vox...

i realized i was living so much of my life on blog that i was living to blog....

i had some major life changes and decided to go out and live and not feel the need to make everything about posting, or remember to post, or what have you.

lately i have felt the urge to go back into my blog and thought that maybe making a new one to signify the fresh start may be a good thing. it is a pretty crazy train of thought rationalizing about whether to blog or not to blog.

my father is getting ready for heart surgery come tuesday and it has been really hard on us, my mom and myself. they are not really speaking or if they are, it is curt and short.

mind you, they love each other, they have been married for 49 years this past september and it is not that. it is the sheer amount of stress my dad is having with the surgery (his third open heart) and he convinced himself he is high risk, when his doctor's (some of the best heart guys on the east coast) tell him he is not.

my lil business on the web is rolling along fine. i would love to be able to stock more in it, but i am getting there slowly.

i applied to the bust craftacular in december, and while I would not sell the sublime patterns since jenny has a booth there every year, I would love a chance to get my stitch markers and onesies and Mr T chocolate lollipops out there to a main stream market.

well, who knows...i am not counting on getting in as i go to the craftacular and i don't think i am nearly as cool or funky as those vendors i buy from, but a girl can dream big!

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