Wednesday, November 5, 2008

obama, race and such

it has been less then 12 hours since they declared obama our president elect obama, and already something about this is really pissing me off....

not him getting elected, please, if that is where you think this is going, close your ignorant eyes and move away from my blog...i don't handle stupid or ignorant well at all...

what is really bugging me so soon is the sheer ignorance of the media and all of these so called supporters promoting the shit out of the "First African American President".

what are you doing? why must you label him in such a way...what about first hawaiian president? what about just calling him president? why must we make him a novelty ack, like william hung?

can we as a people move past the fact he is HALF black?

how about we call him what he really is African/European American?

what about me? i never ever feel the urge to call myself eurpoean you know why?

because i am an american!


and so is barak, president elect obama...

i have been tossing around a little thing where i paraphrased a famous recent quote from president elect obama and it goes a little something like this...

we are not african americans or eurpoean americans, we are just americans!!!!!

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Mr X Stitch said...

Hear hear.
Why make something out of nothing?

Why don't they say here's the first President who is not directly related to any of the previous presidents? Or here is a President that has experience of working in communities that weren't gated?

The buggers.