Monday, August 9, 2010

missing jerry, phase 2 of 5k training and such...

i really miss jerry....i cannot believe it was 15 years ago today he left us....i will never forget where i was or how i heard, it was horrible and all alone, no one understood....i was laughed at, people thought i was some sort of cult member...
it still hurts as much today as it did 15 years ago

i spent late last night updating the dead summer tour list and thought of jerry almost my whole running/walking training today.

i make sure to document what music i listen to during my workouts and today i listened to closing of the winterland disc 2....the only thing that kept me from crying was the distraction that moving to the 90 sec jog/2min run in 90+ degree weather is hard for my fat ass...i keep thinking i am doing this first for me and second for the haven't told my family or asked if they will help yet, i think if i do it a few more weeks, to show my commitment, they will be there to sponsor my run and support me...
below is my training blog

i took yesterday off...felt good to rest...i didn't even go for a long walk, just relaxed...

today i went out and upp to phase 2 of the couch to 5k.
this meant my usual warm up walk which was 8.21, then 90 sec jogging/2min walking which i did for just over 21 mins for a total of 1.3 miles!

then i had a nice cool down walk for .6 miles at just over 13 mins...i tried to walk around in the shade because i did not realize going out there that it was about 90 degrees!

humidity not too bad, but wow, upping that program just 30 secs per jog and that heat, i had sweat coming from the creases of my elbows! never in my life have i ever had that happen!

i also pulled out an older sports bra i forgot i had and used that for my run and it really made a difference.
i have never had big girls when working out before, so this is new to me...i was practicing yoga 3 times a week, but it is easy to work around them there...they are not ginormous, but 36-38DD and can get in the way when jogging, so ii have been trying dif bras i have here and a few of my older ones from when i was smaller are working out great...the more recent ones, not so much because i have been losing weight, so while they work for day to day stuff, this jogging, well, not so much!
never thought i would post a blog about that!

as for this blog...i don't know if anyone reads it and that is fine with me either way, this is for me and my records of what i am doing...though a little support is nice too!!!

i am just trying to say that all i put here is to keep track of what i am doing for my sake so maybe if i need to change it, or see a change in my attitude about it, it will all be there, no denying it! i will have to own up to my results! which is fabulous in my opinion

also, i am truly liking the hand writing out my daily results into that $2 desk calendar i bought at barnes & noble last week! i have already seen an improvement in my distance and there is just something about putting it down on paper that is so very satisfying as well as logging them here!

oh well, i think i have finally stopped sweating and cooled down completely now, so off for the shower!

oh one questions (if anyone has actually read this far, if at all!!) is it better to eat before or after exercising? if so how long before or after?
or if eating before is there a certain type of food that is best? or after?

I don't drink gatorade or any of those artifically filled items, so if there is a natural alternative i would love to know....
is smart water a better alternative?

thanks if anyone has any answers for me!

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