Friday, August 6, 2010

going to try and run a 5k and get healthy and such...

so i am fat and way out of shape, but recently saw someone on twitter say how they ran a 5k....

my daughter has been going a camp where they have a huge sign saying a 5k is coming sept 18th

i googled around a bit and found a training program to get my lazy and fat behind to do a 5k in 9 weeks...only the 5k is seven

i can do this

instead of doing the 3 times a week for nine weeks, i am going to step it up and only give myself a day off between each part of the program

i started monday, i walked about a mile
tuesday i walked 1/3 mile and jogged 1/10 mile
took wed off
thursday i began the program, i did 9 min brisk walk warmup, then 22 mins at 60 secs jogging/90 secs walking
today (friday) i felt a bit sore, but totally inspired (I was once an actual athlete, i rode horses and skied both at very high levels with olympic aspirations, but due to inujries, had to give both up and became very depressed) so i repeated yesterdays work out

i spent many years hiking and still being healthy (i am 36 now and injuries took me out of the running at 17) i skied, biked, snowboarded and so on...

just over ten years ago i became pregnant and had my daughter, but my body went through the insane change and i actually felt lazy, like working out or whatever exhausted me so fast and even though i ate pretty healthy, once i stopped breast feeding, i could eat a grape ad gain weight

i am putting a stop to it now
i lost about 25 pounds over the past year from eating healthier, but slowly they have been creeping back on, so now I am determined to get healthy...

i quit smoking about 5 months back, stopped drinking alocohol (ok i had two at the pool the other day, but that is two drinks in the past 2 months) and just making healthier choices and portion control

i don't deny myself anything at this point, just am very careful when i do indulge to keep it small and WORTH it (a small piece of a good chocolate does so much more for me than a hershey bar ever could!)

so either tomorrow or sunday i will complete the 3rd part of this weeks workout and then it is on to next weeks (but as i said I am going to accelerate it a bit, not a ton but enough to help me get through it safe and on time for the sept 18th 5k)

phase 2 will be 90 secs jogging/120 secs walking x3

i am actually enjoying this so far and look forward to it and this logyourrun program on my iphone is so much better than the one i used to start this is helping to inspire me too because it is much more accurate which made me realize what i did today is much better than the exact same workout yesterday on a much more sloppy and less accurate app!!!

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