Saturday, August 7, 2010

week one, almost done and such...

i went to breakfast with dad and juju and came across another local 5k sign up sheet for october 3rd, the skylander!

this is great because my goal is to do the sept 18th one, but this will give me a chance to see how i can improve for the second one just a hair over two weeks later...

i am very excited by this!

i went to barnes and noble today to buy juju a few books for reading while we are in vt and came across a lovely mthly desk calendar for $2 and bought it to keep handwritten notes on exercise and to have my days counted out for each 5k from first day of training.

now being able to have that tangible book in front of me and not a computer that is shut off will help to keep me going!

my couch to 5k will be 7 weeks total and i cannot wait

i am considering getting some of my family to get behind me and maybe see if they would be willing to donate a small sum to a charity i love (rex foundation) to keep me going!

maybe if they gave a few dollars if i complete I will be that much more inspired, but my drive to get healthy and in shape is really fueling my fire!

yesterday i almost wanted to keep going, but i know i need to be careful and not over do it and run the risk of hurting too much then giving myself an excuse....

no excuses, sept 18th and i have a date and my slightly smaller behind will cross that finish line with the intent of jogging the entire way!!

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